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Down at the garden we are tackling a huge problem.. NUT GRASS!!!!! We are not sure where it came from, maybe in a load of soil or mulch but it is proving very difficult to eradicate. It is in the paths and garden beds. We have hand pulled it but it’s a crafty little devil and insists on returning,  not once, twice or three times, but more often, and not in a few months time, but a fortnight later!

So…. Dr Google says spray with vinegar for organic control. PERSEVERANCE is needed… and patience.

So we are digging it out (DON’T compost it) to weaken the spread of its rhizomes. We remove and bin seed heads to prevent wind-borne spread and we are laying down thick layers of cardboard and mulch on the paths.

It’s a pity we can’t eat it!


Here is the little sucker. Note the 2 nuts. It also has a seed head (flowering just about now)


After rain – new root shoots appear.

Thanks to Chris Carne from Tree Technics, 0407 485 437  http://www.treetechnics.com.au/homepage/  for the new mulch.


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