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What a brillliant week-end! Laughing yoga with Usef from  North Sydney, was a riot. He had us being lawnmowers, chooks, tea drinkers and had us laughing, babbling and talking gibberish before finishing with a relaxing meditation.

Today we had a very community orientated World Environment Day , sharing the garden with a child’s birthday party, members and playground families. Many cups of Dave’s pumpkin soup were drunk and many BBQ sausages given away -thanks Bob.


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This Saturday, 4th June MVCG is pleased to welcome Useff from N. Sydney’s laughing yoga club.
He will be exploring natural laughter. The benefits of laughter include lowering high blood pressure, stabilising blood sugar, increasing ability to handle stress, improved social confidence.
As well as the main laughter session, there is a shorter laughter meditation and ending yoga nidra relaxation session.
We’re sitting on chairs for all this. Should be fun!

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